Congressional Candidate Waters Takes The Parents United Pledge

Congressional Candidate Waters Takes The Parents United Pledge

February 10, 2022

PROVIDENCE, RI: Republican candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District Allen
Waters took the Parents United RI Pledge.

According to the pledge, candidates who sign it vow to “…fully support complete transparency
and parental rights when it comes to the health and education of children…to oppose all efforts
to teach our K-12 students any divisive race-based or gender-based theory and any inappropriate
and explicit sexual content.”

“With this pledge, I promise to take my passion for parental advocacy of the child straight to
Washington,” Waters said.

“Since improving education is also a national issue, voters must know that they as parents are
stakeholders, a mindset I will drive home with every piece off education legislation I support.”

#ParentsUnitedRI, is a “grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, and concerned citizen groups
across Rhode Island who are banding together to preserve the rights of parents when it comes to
their children’s education and health”, according to their website.

Since the organization doesn’t endorse candidates, the candidates must come forward and take
the pledge voluntarily

Additionally, the pledge also includes candidates “also pledge to publicly support RI Parents Bill
of Rights legislation.”

This piece of Rhode Island legislation, classified as H-7138, is aiming to ensure Parent's Rights
regarding issues such as health, welfare, and education are codified into Rhode Island state law.
It is set for a House Judiciary hearing today – Thursday February 10 at 4:30.

“As my first act of advocacy for Rhode Island parents, I intend to speak in support of the ‘RI
Parents Bill of Rights’ as it enshrines into law that parents, and not government, have the
absolute say it the health, education and well-being of their children.”

Waters continued. “This bill underscores it is the job of all elected leaders, state and federal, to
listen to their constituents and put the parent’s concerns ahead of any potential social engineering
policies affecting future generations,” Waters said.