Allen Waters:

Moderate Republican. Classical Liberal. U.S. Senate Candidate Fighting for You.



Allen Waters' goal is to be your next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. A middle class, Cape Cod family man with blue-collar roots, Allen defines himself as a “People’s Candidate.” He is fiscally responsible, socially conscious, believes in traditional American Values, follows the Constitution, and is a strong advocate for ordinary Americans like himself.  

Are you ready for real change in Massachusetts?

Are you ready for a candidate that understands the challenges you face every day; whether you are from Boston, Springfield, Rehoboth, or Deerfield?

Allen Waters will stand up and fight for YOU, the hard working taxpayers of Massachusetts.  If you are tired of politics as usual, whether Republican or Democrat, Allen is the candidate you've been seeking.  Please join me today to make a better tomorrow for future generations in the Bay State.