Congressional Candidate Waters On Supply Chain Issues: “Look To Our Governors”

Congressional Candidate Waters On Supply Chain Issues: “Look To Our Governors”

February 16, 2022

PROVIDENCE, RI: Supply chain issues from across the globe are affecting Americans and
Rhode Islanders every day. 

But for Allen Waters, Republican candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District, the
federal solution to these major issues affecting the American people lies in our Governors.
“With the federal government in gridlock, we must look to pragmatic out-of-state Governors
who target the main issues hurting the supply chain, which include repealing regulation and
facilitating better logistics with other government agencies” Waters said.

Drawing on an effort by 15 Governors pledging to "take action to address workforce shortages
and prevent bottlenecks, logjams, and other transportation issues", Waters went on to say
Congress can follow up with individual states’ policy proposals with immediate federal action. 

“What Congress can do is turn these policy proposals from our governors into federal law,
cutting, even temporarily, the regulatory burden and government red tape, such as vaccination
mandates in various sectors and new regulations on the trucking industry, which continue to keep
the supply chain stagnant."

Waters went on to cite the new federal regulations which took effect on Feb 7 that toughened
entry level truck driver requirements. The new mandate requires prospective truck drivers to
complete training from a school listed on the Training Provider Registry, deems many applicants
ineligible to take the needed test.

“Our truckers make the world continue to run, and only since our supply chain woes have
worsened have we begun to appreciate the men and women in that industry,” Waters said.
“By repealing this unnecessary federal regulation, one aspect of the supply chain problem, the
delivery of products to our stores and in the homes of American families, can see great
improvement in short order.”

Meanwhile, citing a hearing last month in which Congressman David Cicilline cited market
consolidation and lack of competition as the main cause of rising food costs and supply chain
vulnerability, Waters underscored the need to “look deeper”: at solving the issues.
“We can’t just blame one aspect of the market as the root cause of the supply chain crisis”
Waters said. “The federal government must look deeper, less dogmatic, and more open-minded
to solve vital problems affecting all Americans.”

“As member of congress, representing the basic needs of all Rhode Islanders will be my main
concern and will I look for bipartisan solutions to ensure job opportunity, strengthen economic vitality, and
improve the supply chain mobility the for the betterment of all,” Waters said.