Second Amendment

2ND AMENDMENT- I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, private gun ownership, and enforcing existing laws. 

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  • commented 2018-05-15 15:43:26 -0400
    I have been following this page for a while, keep up the good work –
  • commented 2018-03-14 17:56:57 -0400
    I think the 2nd Amendment is our right and the right to bare arms is part of that. I think people can be anti-guns through lack of knowledge. But coming from a single female, I think it’s important to have one in the house to protect myself.
  • commented 2017-09-05 08:00:01 -0400
    Some people like to post their daily life stories. We can find story of someone who is suffering chest pain and spent bad time in UK Emergency room. In this critical situation people want to get support of their family
  • commented 2017-08-28 23:19:33 -0400
    This will provide all the essential instructions for the development of this environment where the general people would be aware of laws. The government should be more strong in case of law implementation.
  • commented 2017-06-14 03:08:06 -0400
    I come here after quite a while since 2016 and entire this term i have miss the chance to get information from a bonafide source you are returned this opposition which is exceptionally cheering for me. Writer
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