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    Allen Waters' goal is to be your next Congressman for Rhode Island. A middle class family man with blue-collar roots, Allen defines himself as a “People’s Candidate.” He is fiscally responsible, socially conscious, believes in traditional American Values, follows the Constitution, and is a strong advocate for ordinary Americans like himself.  

    Are you ready for real change in Rhode Island?

    Are you ready for a candidate that understands the challenges you face every day; whether you are from Woonsocket,  Westerly, Pawtucket, Portsmouth or Providence?

    Allen Waters will stand up and fight for YOU, the hard-working taxpayers of Rhode Island.  If you are tired of politics as usual, whether Republican or Democrat, Allen is the candidate you've been seeking.  Please join me today to make a better tomorrow for future generations.

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    Tell us about your special skills and how you would like to help a classic liberal voice represent Rhode Island in Washington D.C.

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Allen Waters for Congress

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